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Canon Inkjet / Laser Printer Cartridges

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Professional Refill Service also available for ink cartridges with print heads attached ( BC-02 / BC-05 / PG-40 / CL-41 / PG-510 / CL-511 / PG-540 / CL-541 etc ).
Canon compatible ink cartridge supplier  UK & Europe Lots of special offers available.
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Any reference to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for compatibles & remanufactured items is purely for compatibility reference. The trademarked names are also for reference to the printer make & model.
We are suppliers of Trademarked OEM and these are listed under their own category, Originals (OEM).

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Page last updated: 16 August 2017

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Due to changes in the Royal Mail's prices and procedures, unfortunately we now have to charge postage & packaging on all ink cartridges, but we are keeping this to a minimum.

If you wish to select your printer from the list below, you will be taken straight to the ink cartridges for it.
Canon Inkjet Printers
Canon BJ 5 Canon PIXMA iP1800
Canon BJ 10 Canon PIXMA iP1900
Canon BJ 10e Canon PIXMA iP2000 series
Canon BJ 10ex Canon PIXMA iP2200
Canon BJ 10sx Canon PIXMA iP2500
Canon BJ 10v Canon PIXMA iP2600
Canon BJ 15v Canon PIXMA iP2700
Canon BJ 20 Canon PIXMA iP2702
Canon BJ 20ex Canon PIXMA iP3000
Canon BJ 30 Canon PIXMA iP3300
Canon BJ 100 Canon PIXMA iP3500
Canon BJ 200 Canon PIXMA iP3600
Canon BJ 200e Canon PIXMA iP4000 / R
Canon BJ 200ex Canon PIXMA iP4300
Canon BJ 200jc Canon PIXMA iP4500
Canon BJ 200js Canon PIXMA iP4600
Canon BJ 201 Canon PIXMA iP4700
Canon BJ 210 Canon PIXMA iP4800
Canon BJ 220jc II Canon PIXMA iP4850
Canon BJ 220js Canon PIXMA iP4950
Canon BJ 220js II Canon PIXMA iP5000
Canon BJ 230 Canon PIXMA iP5200
Canon BJ 250 Canon PIXMA iP5200R
Canon BJC 30 Canon PIXMA iP6000D
Canon BJC 35 Canon PIXMA iP6210D Colour only
Canon BJC 50 Canon PIXMA iP6220D Colour only
Canon BJC 55 Canon PIXMA iP6600D
Canon BJC 70 Canon PIXMA iP6700D
Canon BJC 80 Canon PIXMA iP7250
Canon BJC 85 Canon PIXMA iP8500
Canon BJC 100 Canon PIXMA iP8750
Canon BJC 150 Canon PIXMA iX4000
Canon BJC 210 Canon PIXMA iX5000
Canon BJC 210j Canon PIXMA iX6550
Canon BJC 240 Canon PIXMA iX6850
Canon BJC 240j Canon Pixma MG2150
Canon BJC 240L Canon Pixma MG2250
Canon BJC 240 Photo Canon Pixma MG3150
Canon BJC 250 Canon Pixma MG3150 - Red Edition
Canon BJC 250j Canon Pixma MG3250
Canon BJC 251 Canon Pixma MG3550
Canon BJC 255 Canon Pixma MG3650
Canon BJC 1000 Canon Pixma MG4150
Canon BJC 1010 Canon Pixma MG4250
Canon BJC 323f Canon PIXMA MG5150
Canon BJC 400j Canon PIXMA MG5250
Canon BJC 410j Canon PIXMA MG5350
Canon BJC 455j Canon PIXMA MG5450
Canon BJC 600 Canon PIXMA MG5550
Canon BJC 600e Canon PIXMA MG5640
Canon BJC 610 Canon PIXMA MG5650
Canon BJC 620 Canon PIXMA MG6150
Canon BJC 2000 series Canon PIXMA MG6250
Canon BJC 3000 Canon PIXMA MG6350
Canon BJC 4000 series Canon PIXMA MG6450
Canon BJC 5000 series Canon PIXMA MG6650
Canon BJC 6000 Canon PIXMA MG7150
Canon BJC 6100 Canon PIXMA MG7550
Canon BJC 6200 Canon PIXMA MG8150
Canon BJC 6500 Canon PIXMA MG8250
Canon BJC 7000 Canon PIXMA Mini 220 Colour only
Canon BJC 8200 Photo Canon PIXMA MP140
Canon BJC 7100 Canon PIXMA MP150
Canon BJ i250 Canon PIXMA MP160
Canon BJ i255 Canon PIXMA MP170
Canon BJ i320 Canon PIXMA MP180
Canon BJ i350 Canon PIXMA MP210
Canon BJ i450 Canon PIXMA MP220
Canon BJ i455 Canon PIXMA MP235
Canon BJ i470D Canon PIXMA MP240
Canon BJ i475D Canon PIXMA MP245
Canon BJ i550 Canon PIXMA MP250
Canon BJ i560 Canon PIXMA MP252
Canon BJ i850 Canon PIXMA MP258
Canon BJ i860 Canon PIXMA MP260
Canon BJ i865 Canon PIXMA MP268
Canon BJ i905D Canon PIXMA MP270
Canon BJ i950 Canon PIXMA MP272
Canon BJ 960 Canon PIXMA MP276
Canon BJ i965 Canon PIXMA MP280
Canon BJ i990 Canon PIXMA MP450
Canon BJ i6500 Canon PIXMA MP460
Canon BJ i9100 Canon PIXMA MP470
Canon BJ i9950 Canon PIXMA MP480
Canon BJ S100 Canon PIXMA MP486
Canon BJ S200 Canon PIXMA MP490
Canon BJ S200X Canon PIXMA MP492
Canon BJ S300 Canon PIXMA MP495
Canon BJ S320 Canon PIXMA MP499
Canon BJ S330 Canon PIXMA MP500
Canon BJ S400 Canon PIXMA MP510
Canon BJ S450 Canon PIXMA MP520
Canon BJ S500 Canon PIXMA MP530
Canon BJ S520 Canon PIXMA MP540
Canon BJ S530D Canon PIXMA MP540X
Canon BJ S600 Canon PIXMA MP550
Canon BJ S630 Canon PIXMA MP560
Canon BJ S750 Canon PIXMA MP600
Canon BJ S750D Canon PIXMA MP610
Canon BJ S800 Canon PIXMA MP620
Canon BJ S820 Canon PIXMA MP620B
Canon BJ S820D Canon PIXMA MP630
Canon BJ S830D Canon PIXMA MP640
Canon BJ S900 Canon PIXMA MP750
Canon BJ S4500 Canon PIXMA MP760
Canon BJ S6300 Canon PIXMA MP780
Canon BJ S9000 Canon PIXMA MP950
Canon BJ S9200 Canon PIXMA MP960
Canon BX 200 Canon PIXMA MP970
Canon CFX B380if Canon PIXMA MP980
Canon F 600 Canon PIXMA MP990
Canon Fax Canon PIXMA MP800
Canon Fax B180C Canon PIXMA MP800R
Canon Fax B210C Canon PIXMA MP810
Canon Fax B230C Canon PIXMA MP830
Canon Fax-JX210P Canon PIXMA MX300
Canon Faxphone B60 Canon PIXMA MX310
Canon Faxphone B70 Canon PIXMA MX320
Canon Faxphone B75 Canon PIXMA MX328
Canon Faxphone B140 Canon PIXMA MX330
Canon Faxphone B160 Canon PIXMA MX338
Canon Faxphone B170 Canon PIXMA MX340
Canon Faxphone B190 Canon PIXMA MX350
Canon Faxphone B200 Canon PIXMA MX375
Canon Faxphone B220 Canon PIXMA MX410
Canon Faxphone B230 Canon PIXMA MX420
Canon Faxphone B405 Canon PIXMA MX435
Canon i70 Canon PIXMA MX475
Canon i80 Canon PIXMA MX515
Canon i90 Canon PIXMA MX535
Canon iP90 Canon PIXMA MX700
Canon iP90v Canon PIXMA MX725
Canon Mini 220 Colour only Canon PIXMA MX850
Canon MP360 Canon PIXMA MX860
Canon MP370 Canon PIXMA MX870
Canon MP700 Canon PIXMA MX885
Canon MP730 Canon PIXMA MX925
Canon MP750 Canon PIXMA Pro 9000
Canon MP760 Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 Mark II
Canon MP780 Canon SELPHY DS700 Colour only
Canon Multifunction B190 Canon SELPHY DS810 Colour only
Canon Multifunction B200 Canon Smartbase MP110
Canon Multifunction B220 Canon Smartbase MP130
Canon Multifunction B360 Canon Smartbase MP360
Canon MultiPASS 10MFP Canon Smartbase MP370
Canon MultiPASS 800MFP Canon Smartbase MP390
Canon MultiPASS 1000 Canon Smartbase MPC190
Canon MultiPASS 10 Canon Smartbase MPC200 Photo
Canon MultiPASS 800 Canon Starwriter 60
Canon MultiPASS 1000MFP Canon Starwriter 70
Canon MultiPASS C20 Canon Starwriter 80
Canon MultiPASS C30 Canon Starwriter 85
Canon MultiPASS C50 Canon Starwriter 95
Canon MultiPASS C70 Canon Starwriter 400
Canon MultiPASS C80 Canon Starwriter 500
Canon MultiPASS C100 Canon Starwriter Pro 2000
Canon MultiPASS C530 Canon Starwriter Pro 5000
Canon MultiPASS C545 Other printers that use Canon ink
Canon MultiPASS C555 Apple Color Stylewriter 2200
Canon MultiPASS C560 Apple Color Stylewriter 2400
Canon MultiPASS C565 Apple Color Stylewriter 2410
Canon MultiPASS C635 Apple Color Stylewriter 2500
Canon MultiPASS C755 Apple StyleWriter
Canon MultiPASS C2500 Apple Stylewriter II
Canon MultiPASS C3000 Apple Stylewriter 1200
Canon MultiPASS C3500 Apple StyleWriter 1500
Canon MultiPASS C5000 Apple StyleWriter Portable
Canon MultiPASS C5500 Brother GW 70i
Canon MultiPASS F30 Brother GW 80i
Canon MultiPASS F50 Brother HF 770
Canon MultiPASS F80 Brother HJ 10
Canon MultiPASS KXF1600 Brother HJ 100
Canon MultiPASS SmartBase MP110 Brother HJ 100i
Canon MultiPASS SmartBase MP130 Brother HJ 400
Canon MultiPASS SmartBase MP360 Gestetner 9743
Canon MultiPASS SmartBase MP370 IBM 4070
Canon MultiPASS SmartBase MP390 Infotec Fax 3525
Canon MultiPASS SmartBase MPC190 ITT Fax 3757 Jetset
Canon MultiPASS SmartBase MPC200 Photo Mannesmann Tally 7070
Canon Photo MultiPASS C20 MV 74 Color
Canon Photo MultiPASS C3000 Nashuatec P293 Color
Canon Photo MultiPASS C5000 Nashua P295
Canon PIXMA i70 Panasonic Panafax KXF 1600
Canon PIXMA i80 Panasonic Panafax 1650
Canon PIXMA i90 Panasonic Panafax UF-342
Canon PIXMA iP90 Panasonic Panafax 344
Canon PIXMA iP90v Rex Rotary Fax 6230
Canon PIXMA iP1000 Ricoh Fax 880mp Color
Canon PIXMA iP1200 Savin Savinfax 3615C
Canon PIXMA iP1300 Selex SR 700
Canon PIXMA iP1500 Selex 850D
Canon PIXMA iP1600 Selex 850E
Canon PIXMA iP1700