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New, Compatible, Recycled or Refilled Ink Cartridges for:
Epson / Brother / Canon / HP / Lexmark / Xerox and many more
Order inkjet cartridges online or by telephone.
Telephone to order new compatible laser toner cartridges.

The INK Store, 101 Clase Road, Morriston, Swansea. SA6 8DY

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If your Epson printer needs resetting you can download the latest software Version of the; SSC Service Utility (V4.3) from this link.
Install it and run it, click on configuration, select your printer from both lists ('x' is replaced by a number), close the program with the red cross. The program will run in your task bar, click your right mouse button on the icon for a menu. You can use the appropriate utility for your needs, if your printer needs maintenance due to ink pad being full, select Protection Counter and Reset Protection Counter. If your printer has locked out because you ignored the warnings and continued printing, first select Protection Counter and Clear Counter Overflow, then select Extras and Soft Reset, wait 5 minutes, then select Protection Counter and Reset Protection Counter.

If you want to browse our site with total security in mind, use the secure version of the site (you may have to choose to show non secure content, as the images are not stored in a secure folder), there are no external links, advertising windows, tracking cookies or self installing programs of any kind on our site, it is 100% safe.
All shopping cart systems are on a secure system regardless of which of our site versions you use and the images for the shopping cart are also from a secure folder, so you won't be asked to allow anything.


Questions Clear Answers
Where would I look for a refill service for my empty cartridge ? Use our refill page, all the info is there and it's efficient & cheap. £5 per Black / £7 per Colour cartridge for all known cartridges with print heads attached & from £3 per ink tank.
Where can I buy a replacement cartridge for my printer ? Use the links at the top of the page to select your printer make, then you can select your model number, this will take you to the correct cartridges for your printer where you can buy online or over the telephone.
How can I reset my Epson printer ? The INK Store has a page dedicated to this ( Epson Printer Resetting Page ), which tells you how to download the Epson resetting software and how to use it. We also give accurate step by step information of how to manually reset Epson printers that can't be reset using the software.
Who supplies replacement cartridges for my printer ? The manufacturers of your printer supply replacement cartridges, but are usually highly priced. However other manufacturers supply cartridges for most printer models and usually are more than 50% cheaper with no loss of quality.
How do I change my cartridge in my printer ? See our information page for ink cartridge replacement assistance.
I want more value for money ! You will need to start using cartridges made by other companies, you can save up to 85% of your current spending on replacement cartridges.
How do I know the correct cartridge for my printer ? Use the links at the top of the page to select your printer make, then you can select your model number, this will take you to the correct cartridges for your printer without error, providing you selected the correct printer make & model which is usually written on the front of your printer.
I need help to get my printer to print ! See our information page for printer set up and troubleshooting.
For Epson printers, also see our Epson Printer Resetting Page
I need a driver for my printer ! Use a search engine such as Google ( or ), type in "Driver for [Your printer make & model]". All the available websites that have drivers for your printer will be displayed in a list, select one and follow the on screen instructions to download and install the driver.
Why won't my printer print when it has plenty of ink ? This could be one of 100 reasons. First of all though, if it hasn't been used for a while, the ink cartridges / print heads have probably dried up and hardened. See our information page for help.
I want to buy ink for my printer ! Look no further, you'll find most ink and laser cartridges right here on our website. Just click on your printer make above and you'll be taken to the page where you can select your model to order the correct cartridges.
My printer will not print, why not  ? It is possible that your printer has switched itself offline with your computer or it is no longer your default printer. To cure this, follow the instructions on the resetting page.

Due to changes in the Royal Mail's prices and procedures, unfortunately we now have to charge postage on all ink cartridges, but we are keeping this to a minimum.
The above questions and answers are there to help customers get accurate answers from search engines. However, there will be times when the customer spells something incorrectly and don't get the search results required. The most common printer model misspellings are; Epsom ( Epson ), Howlett Packard / Packard Bell / Hewlett and Packard ( Hewlett Packard ), Leemark ( Lexmark ), Cannon ( Canon ), Zerox ( Xerox ). There are also alternative spellings and American / British differences such as; Lazer / Laser | Colour / Color | Disc / Disk. This page should assist all searches for printer model numbers, getting you to the correct cartridges at the best prices. For instance, if you were looking for ink cartridges for your Epson Stylus Photo R220, because we appear so high on the Google search engine, you would not have to stipulate all the parameters, you would simply need to type in ' Epson Stylus Photo R220 cartridges ' or to be absolutely sure of getting the best results and not lots of links for Epson Printers, you should type ' Epson Stylus Photo R220 ink cartridges '. You would then see The INK Store at the top of the search results, where you would be able to order your cartridges at the best price with delivery to the UK and Europe. People who use inkjet cartridges are constantly encouraged to recycle the cartridge to save landfill. The truth is that companies want your empty cartridges as some have resale value. The cartridges that do not have resale value such as Epson empty cartridges, have no recycle system set up for them. Hundreds of tons of these cartridges have ended up in the landfills. Surely the plastic from these ink tanks would be reusable? Of course it would, but it would be non cost effective to process it, which is why nobody wants them or cares what happens to them. The only uses for a micro chip on a cartridge are, to make it difficult to reuse the cartridge after refilling & to scare customers enough not to use new cartridges made by other companies. The reasons given by the designers and manufacturers of the original equipment is that the micro chip holds essential information to communicate with the printer and is a vital piece of equipment. Previous models manufactured before the micro chipped models, functioned perfectly well and did not suffer from unnecessary rejection of cartridges caused by chip failure. Some makes and models of printer such as HP & Lexmark, use cartridges with the print head attached to the cartridge. These are patented and cannot be manufactured by other companies, therefore they have to be remanufactured. This means that the original empty cartridge has to be used and only the non patented parts can be replaced or modified. There is no law against refilling cartridges, in fact its your right to do so. Remanufacture is a more affordable way to replace a cartridge that has failed. However, it is not the most cost effective way of replenishing ink. This is why refill services are available, freeing you from the chore and mess and keeping your costs down. Be careful, as a lot of these services will charge almost as much as a new replacement cartridge to refill your old one and most companies never refill your cartridge, they replace it with one that had been filled earlier, somebody else's. This may be in poor condition compared to your cartridge, the ink may not flow correctly, the wrong inks may be used and the circuit may not be working correctly. We at The INK Store always refill your cartridge and always guarantee a good flow on cartridges even when they have not been regularly used or maintained by the customer. Having said that, there is a time when a cartridge cannot be reused due to ink hardening inside caused through lack of use or too long a waiting period before sending an empty cartridge for refilling. At this point, no matter what procedures we use on the cartridge, it usually refuses to allow any further flow through the print head nozzles and is rendered unfit for any further use. We regularly decontaminate colour cartridges as part of the service. Contamination of ink colours occurs when the customer puts the cartridge in a plastic bag, places tape over the print head or does not insert fully into a transit / storage clip. More than half of the colour cartridges we receive for refilling are colour contaminated. We do not refill empty toner cartridges, but we do sell remanufactured replacements. Our main line is inkjet cartridges and we probably offer the most diverse range and offer the best after sales service and help & advice. Some printers use separate individual colour cartridges ( Black / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Light Cyan / Light Magenta / Red / Blue / Green / Optimiser / Grey / Photo Black / Light Black / Matte Black ) and many other types. These were developed so that you may change an individual colour instead of having to throw away a cartridge which still has other ink colours remaining when one ink colour becomes empty, minimising waste.
If you need further assistance or have a question not covered on this page, first use our 'Information' page and if you still don't get the answer you need, use our 'Contact' page.


We have the new Epson XP-102 / XP-202 / XP-205 / XP-305 / XP-402 / XP-405 / XP-30 compatible cartridges from £13 per set and the price is falling all the time.

For all models of D78 / D92 / DX4000 / DX4050 / DX4400 / DX4450 / DX5000 / DX5050 / DX6000 / DX6050 / DX7000 / DX7000F / DX7400 / DX7450 including the DX8000 & DX9000 series / S20 / SX100 / SX105 / SX200 / SX205 / SX400 / SX405 / SX600FW printers, we have Generation 8 cartridges which means they fit all previous models as well as the latest ones, click here.


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Tel: 01792 548731
The INK Store, 101 Clase Road, Morriston, Swansea. SA6 8DY

We have two website addresses:  &  (Page-Net is no longer on same server and only links to The INK Store until the domain expires, whereupon it will not be renewed), as well as a secure version of this site:  We used to be a website design company hence the name Page-Net and started selling and refilling ink cartridges back in 2001, therefore we had to choose a name that was more fitting to ink cartridges and our shop, so The INK Store seemed the perfect choice.

At The INK Store we offer a refill service where we fill your empty cartridges, you can get cartridge information, cheap cartridges, Black & Colour cartridges, buy replacement ink cartridges for your printer. We were one of the first ever ink suppliers in the UK and Europe. We are not ink manufacturers, we just supply ink at high quality for all makes of printer including Hewlett Packard ( HP ), Lexmark, Canon, Xerox, Epson, Brother and many more with UK delivery and European delivery all from The INK Store in Swansea, UK. You can also recycle your inkjet cartridges, we donate them all to The Air Ambulance. We also supply photo paper for all makes of inkjet printer.

 We also supply some guitar chords and lyrics.