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Canon PIXMA iP100 resetting cartridge microchips

The Canon PIXMA IP100 uses ink tanks with microchips attached, which normally means that the cartridge can't be reused unless you have a specialised chip resetting tool. However, like most Canon printers this one allows you to press and hold the Stop / Reset button (as listed below) for approximately 20 seconds and it will allow you to continue reusing the cartridge whilst still showing empty. This should only be undertaken if you have refilled the cartridge otherwise you will drain your nozzle chambers and leave them air locked.
We refill these inks @ £1.50 for Black  &  £3.00 for Colour.

The cartridge numbers are PGI-35 Black & CLI-36 Colour

I presume that this will work on any other Canon printer that uses ink tanks that have microchips on them.

To reset the MP-160 and other similar printers if you receive an E5 Error, follow the procedures below.
This procedure will work on many Canon printer models

1) With the printer powered off (Standby Power Button OFF) but connected to a power source, press and hold the Stop / Reset button and press the Power button.
2) When the Power LED is lit, press the Stop / Reset button two times while still holding the Power button.
3) Then release the Power button and the Stop / Reset button (regardless of order), the printer will move into a service mode (Waiting for you to choose a menu selection).
4) When the LED light is green, press the Stop / Reset button 3 times or according to the function you require, all selections are listed below. (Each time the Stop / Reset button is pressed, the LED lights up alternately in orange and green, starting with orange.)

The printer will usually take a few minutes to reset itself, read any messages that appear on the screen and select whatever is required, if required.

The number of the Stop / Reset button presses.
LED Function Remarks:

0 time Green Power off
1 time Orange Service pattern print
2 times Green EEPROM print
3 times Orange EEPROM reset
4 times Green Waste ink counter reset
5 times Orange Destination setting
6 times Green Print head deep cleaning
11 times Orange Button / LCD checking
12 or more times Returns to a menu selection

Some times, it may just be that your ink print counter limit has been reached and needs resetting. In which case, instead of pressing the Stop / Reset button 3 times as above, press it 4 times.

Reset the Canon MP280 and similar printers if you get the following E5 / E05 error.
message: cartridges are not installed properly (Error E5)

First power off the printer.
While holding STOP/RESET button, press and hold the POWER button.
While still holding the POWER button, release the STOP/RESET button and then push the STOP/RESET button twice.
Wait about 20-30 second until the LED shows "0". Then push the STOP/RESET button four times.
Finally release and then push the POWER button twice.
Last step is to turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button one last time.

How to Reset waste ink counter (Error E16) Canon PIXMA MP280
Unplug power and USB cable.
Open door and hold power button.
Connect power.
Close door, then release power button.

Reusing the same cartridge after filling:
For the following ink cartridges:
PG-37 / PG-40 / PG-50 / PG-510 / PG-512 / PG-540
CL-38 / CL-41 / CL-51 / CL-511 / CL-513 / CL541 Colour

To get your printer to accept cartridges after refilling, sometimes you have to press and hold the STOP / RESET button.

Insert the cartridge as normal and press the stop / reset button on your printer until it makes a whirring sound, then release and the printer should accept the cartridge.

The button can also sometimes be a RED CROSS or it can look like a Piece of Paper . If the printer doesn’t accept the cartridge at this point, switch off and unplug the power lead for 2 minutes, reconnect and then carry out the above.

On some printers that only have two buttons, the button can be multifunctional, so the reset button can sometimes have other pictures alongside the button.

All refilled cartridges show empty ink levels when reinserted, as the printer recognises the cartridge from a previous use by reading the serial number embedded in the cartridge circuit and matching it to any numbers stored in the printer memory. Ignore ink levels and continue to print until ink colours start to disappear.

For additional cartridge information click here.

Always use the printer to print something of any size, every 2 weeks minimum for the cartridges whole life. Do not leave sitting empty for more than 2 weeks before filling and reusing. The result of lack of use will be, drying on the print head and then hardening inside the nozzle chambers when trying to use it whilst blocked.
If you have left it for more than 2 weeks without use, don't try to print anything, first remove the cartridge and hold the print head (silver plate) against a piece of kitchen roll and see if it has three solid colours (colour cartridge) or one large rectangle the size of the print head (black cartridge), if not either bring it to us for clearing or get a saucer and put some boiling water in it, then stand the cartridge upright (as it sits in the printer) in the water for a few seconds. Remove it and dry it thoroughly, especially the circuit (see below). Dab-test on kitchen roll once again and see if cleared, if not, try the boiling water again, but if not improving, bring it to us for flushing.

To Reset the Canon MP-460, follow the procedure on the image below:

Press and hold the buttons in the order on the image above.

Error 41 / Error 51

This usually means that the Colour cartridge has an error, i.e. the circuit on the colour cartridge cannot be read by the printer.
This can be for a variety of reasons:

There could be ink on the printer connecters or the cartridge circuit: Remedy - use kitchen roll dampened on the tongue and wipe circuit and connecters.
There could be moisture on the circuit: Remedy - dry the circuit with kitchen roll, dry underneath any raised part of circuit with thin piece of card.
The circuit may not be mated correctly with the connecters on the printer: Remedy - remove the cartridge and reinsert it.
The circuit on the cartridge may have failed permanently: Remedy - none
If you cartridge circuit has failed, remove and reinsert it to prove this is definitely the case and if still failing, purchase a replacement and discard the failed one.

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Any reference to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for compatibles & remanufactured items is purely for compatibility reference. The trademarked names are also for reference to the printer make & model.
We are suppliers of Trademarked OEM and these are listed under their own category, Originals (OEM).


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