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List of Brother inkjet printer models & the ink cartridges to fit

Cartridge List


Printer List

BC-01 Cartridge for:
Brother DCP-J125
GW-70i   Brother DCP-J132W
GW-80i   Brother DCP-J140
HF-770   Brother DCP-J152W
HJ-10   Brother DCP-J172W
HJ-100 Brother DCP-J315W
HJ-100i Brother DCP-J515W
HJ-400 Brother DCP-J525W
MJ-100   Brother DCP-J552DW
    Brother DCP-J562DW
LC-07 Cartridges for: Brother DCP-J725DW
MFC-100   Brother DCP-J752DW
MFC-150CL Brother DCP-J925DW
MFC-150CLW   Brother DCP-J4110DW
    Brother DCP-J4120DW
LC-25 Cartridges for: Brother DCP-110C
MFC-4420C Brother DCP-115C
LC-50 Cartridges for: Brother DCP-117C
MFC-830 Brother DCP-120C
MFC-840 Brother DCP-130C
MFC-860 Brother DCP-135C
LC-600 Cartridges for:   Brother DCP-145C
MFC-580 Brother DCP-150C
MFC-590 Brother DCP-153C
MFC-890 Brother DCP-157C
LC-700 Cartridges for: Brother DCP-163C
DCP-4020C Brother DCP-165C
MFC-4820C Brother DCP-195C
LC-800 Cartridges for: Brother DCP-197C
Fax-1820C Brother DCP-310C
MFC-3220C Brother DCP-315C
MFC-3320C Brother DCP-330C
MFC-3420C Brother DCP-340CW
MFC-3820C Brother DCP-350C
LC-900 Cartridges for: Brother DCP-375C
DCP-110C Brother DCP-375CW
DCP-115C   Brother DCP-375DW
DCP-117C Brother DCP-377CN
DCP-120C Brother DCP-385C
DCP-310C Brother DCP-540CN
DCP-315C Brother DCP-560C
DCP-340C Brother DCP-560CN
Fax-1835 Brother DCP-585C
Fax-1840C Brother DCP-750CW
Fax-1940CN Brother DCP-770CW
Fax-2440C Brother DCP-4020C
MFC-110 Brother DCP-6690CW
MFC-210C Brother Fax-1355
MFC-215C Brother Fax-1360
MFC-410CN Brother Fax-1460
MFC-420CN Brother Fax-1560
MFC-425CN Brother Fax-1820C
MFC-610CLN Brother Fax-1835
MFC-610CLWN Brother Fax-1840C
MFC-620CN Brother Fax-1940CN
MFC-640CW Brother Fax-2440C
MFC-820CW Brother Fax-2480C3
MFC-3340C Brother GW-70i
MFC-3342C Brother GW-80i
MFC-5840CN Brother HF-770
LC-960 & LC-970 Cartridges for: Brother HJ-10
DCP-135C Brother HJ-100
DCP-150C Brother HJ-100i
DCP-153C Brother HJ-400
DCP-350C Brother MFC-J220
Fax-2480C3   Brother MFC-J245
MFC-135C Brother MFC-J265W
MFC-235C Brother MFC-J410
MFC-260C Brother MFC-J415W
MFC-630CD Brother MFC-J430W
MFC-630CDW Brother MFC-J470DW
MFC-665CW   Brother MFC-J480DW
MFC-680CN Brother MFC-J515W
MFC-850CDN   Brother MFC-J615W
MFC-850CDWN Brother MFC-J625DW
MFC-860CDN   Brother MFC-J650DW
LC-980 Cartridges for:   Brother MFC-J680DW
DCP-145C   Brother MFC-J715W
DCP-163C   Brother MFC-J825DW
DCP-165C   Brother MFC-J870DW
DCP-195C   Brother MFC-J880DW
DCP-197C   Brother MFC-J4410DW
DCP-375C   Brother MFC-J4420DW
DCP-375CW   Brother MFC-J4510DW
DCP-377CW Brother MFC-J4610DW
MFC-250C   Brother MFC-J4620DW
MFC-255CW   Brother MFC-J4625DW
MFC-290C Brother MFC-J4710DW
MFC-295CN   Brother MFC-J5320DW
    Brother MFC-J5330DW
    Brother MFC-J5335DW
LC-985 Cartridges for:   Brother MFC-J5620DW
Brother DCP-J125   Brother MFC-J5625DW
Brother DCP-J140   Brother MFC-J5720DW
Brother DCP-J315W   Brother MFC-J5730DW
Brother DCP-J515W   Brother MFC-J5910DW
Brother MFC-J220   Brother MFC-J5930DW
Brother MFC-J265W Brother MFC-J6510DW
Brother MFC-J410   Brother MFC-J6520DW
Brother MFC-J415W   Brother MFC-J6530DW
Brother MFC-J515W Brother MFC-J6710
  Brother MFC-J6710DW
    Brother MFC-J6720DW
  Brother MFC-J6910DW
LC-1000 Cartridges for:   Brother MFC-J6920DW
DCP-130C   Brother MFC-J6930DW
DCP-330C   Brother MFC-J6935DW
DCP-540CN Brother MFC-100
DCP-560C Brother MFC-110
DCP-560CN Brother MFC-135C
DCP-750CW Brother MFC-150CL
DCP-770CW Brother MFC-150CLW
Fax-1355 Brother MFC-210
Fax-1360 Brother MFC-210C
Fax-1460 Brother MFC-215C
Fax-1560 Brother MFC-235C
MFC-240C Brother MFC-240C
MFC-440CN Brother MFC-250C
MFC-465C Brother MFC-255CW
MFC-465CN Brother MFC-260C
MFC-660CN Brother MFC-290C
MFC-680CN Brother MFC-295CN
MFC-845CW Brother MFC-410
MFC-885CW Brother MFC-420CN
MFC-3360C Brother MFC-425CN
MFC-5460CN Brother MFC-440CN
MFC-5860CN Brother MFC-465C
  Brother MFC-465CN
  Brother MFC-490CW
LC-1100 Cartridges for: Brother MFC-580
DCP-385C Brother MFC-590
DCP-585CW Brother MFC-610CLN
DCP-6690CW Brother MFC-610CLWN
MFC-490CW Brother MFC-615W
MFC-790CW   Brother MFC-620CN
MFC-795CW Brother MFC-630CD
MFC-990CW Brother MFC-630CDW
MFC-5490CN Brother MFC-640CW
MFC-5890CN Brother MFC-660CN
MFC-5895CN Brother MFC-665CW
MFC-6490CW Brother MFC-680CN
MFC-6890CDW Brother MFC-715W
MFC-J615W   Brother MFC-790CW
MFC-J715W Brother MFC-795CW
LC1220 & LC1240 Cartridges for:   Brother MFC-820CW
Brother DCP-J525W Brother MFC-830
Brother DCP-J725DW Brother MFC-840
Brother DCP-J925DW Brother MFC-845CW
Brother MFC-J430W Brother MFC-850CDN
LC1240 & LC1280 XL Cartridges for: Brother MFC-850CDWN
Brother MFC-J625DW Brother MFC-860
Brother MFC-J825DW Brother MFC-860CDN
Brother MFC-J5910DW        (A3) Brother MFC-885CW
Brother MFC-J6510DW        (A3) Brother MFC-890
Brother MFC-J6710              (A3) Brother MFC-990CW
Brother MFC-J6710DW        (A3) Brother MFC-3220C
Brother MFC-J6910DW        (A3) Brother MFC-3240C
LC-123 Cartridges for: Brother MFC-3320C
Brother DCP-J132W Brother MFC-3340C
Brother DCP-J152W Brother MFC-3342C
Brother DCP-J552DW   Brother MFC-3360C
Brother DCP-J752DW Brother MFC-3420C
Brother DCP-J4110DW Brother MFC-4420C
Brother MFC-J470DW Brother MFC-4820C
Brother MFC-J650DW Brother MFC-5440C
Brother MFC-J870DW Brother MFC-5460CN
Brother MFC-J6520DW Brother MFC-5490CN
Brother MFC-J6720DW Brother MFC-5840C
Brother MFC-J6920DW Brother MFC-5860CN
LC-125 & 127 Cartridges for: Brother MFC-5890CN
Brother MFC-J4410DW Brother MFC-5890CN
Brother MFC-J4510DW Brother MFC-5895CN
Brother MFC-J4610DW   Brother MFC-6220C
Brother MFC-J4710DW   Brother MFC-6490CW
LC-223 Cartridges for: Brother MFC-6890CDW
Brother DCP-J562DW  
Brother DCP-J4120DW  
Brother MFC-J480DW Brother MJ-100
Brother MFC-J680DW  
Brother MFC-J880DW  
Brother MFC-J4420DW  
Brother MFC-J4620DW  
Brother MFC-J4625DW  
Brother MFC-J5320DW  
Brother MFC-J5620DW  
Brother MFC-J5625DW    
Brother MFC-J5720DW    

Above is the ink we sell for Brother printers, they are listed in two ways, ink cartridge number reference and Brother inkjet printer model reference.
There are also simple to use pull down menus above these, however people with modern browsers which automatically have the security settings too high may have to allow blocked content in order to use them. They are 100% safe, being just simple browser scripts that caused no security warnings on older browsers.

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Any reference to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for compatibles & remanufactured items is purely for compatibility reference. The trademarked names are also for reference to the printer make & model. We do supply Trademarked OEM and these are listed under their own category, Originals (OEM).

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Rules & conditions apply, Click to view Terms, Conditions & Customers Rights.

This is the selection page where you click on your Brother printer model to view or buy Brother compatible inkjet cartridges, also compatible to some Canon ink printers. Compatible ink cartridges for Brother printers are inkjet cartridges made by other companies, printer cartridges using printer ink formulated for Brother printers, can be purchased in UK and Europe. To buy an ink cartridge that is either Black ink or Colour ink, use the links above to open the page for the correct cartridges for your printer model. These are compatible replacement ink cartridges for Brother DCP printers, Brother MFC printers, photo printers and all-in-one printer, scanner, copiers.